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Love is Love they say in Bali

Love is Love they say in Bali

Personally, I love Bali. I cannot even explain why. It just relaxes me.

Let’s face it. The 6 hours flight and 7-10 days of a short break is just what the doctor ordered given the busy hectic lifestyle we lead. It’s my ultimate battery recharge place.

One of my favourite places is Ubud. Ubud is not near the sea and it’s normally a bit cooler.

Exactly a week ago I got back from Ubud. This week I was asked why I always look so relaxed and happy. 

Well, apart from the usual ‘chillaxing,’ 


I attribute my happy state to a healer, I was fortunate enough to meet at Five Elements  @ Ubud., by the name of Pak Ngurah.

For some time  had been visiting going to Ubud to see some of the wonderful healers that live there.

On one particular trip, I am not sure why I saw this  notice ‘Holistic prana mudra healing’  with Park Ngurah, but it was fortunate that I did.

With a pure and compassionate presence, Pak Ngurah gently guides you through an open sharing about our bodies’ energy and how we can begin to tune in to our physical, mental and emotional conditions. This special energy healing session focuses on the spine, the central energy channel of our body. Moving up the spine with his intuitive hands, Pak Ngurah begins to sense the subtle body energies, helping to clear and awaken any troubled or dormant energy channels of the  chakras, then moves on to other parts of the body in need of special attention, healing, strengthening and activation. A sacred mudra, accompanied by a short, guided meditation, is offered as a powerful gift to support you in your daily life. The great god-son of a traditional Balinese medicine man, Pak Ngurah offers an empowering session inviting pure love to surface and a conscious awareness to flourish for true healing. 

I said to myself let’s see what that is and guess what?  Well, you can be the judge. While we had some interesting discussions (you know how opinionated I am) we did agree on one thing. Love is love and it’s a driving energy within us. So next time you are in Ubud or Bali – check him out. You might be in for a pleasant surprise.  Check out his instagram

Funny enough I went to stay in Ubud 5 years ago after suffering a very bad back injury and a friend of mine in Sydney recommended a healer by the name Ketut.

My friend warned me that  he wasn’t cheap, but claimed that I would be amazed by him.. Despite being sceptical about  Ketut – and all this natural healing hype,  I did make an appointment to see him (which, by the way, sometimes you need to wait for a couple of months).

To tell you that he magically fixed me would be a big fat lie. But I can tell you that he did motivate me to start looking after myself. To find balance in my  life through yoga and meditative practice as well as simply finding balance and looking after myself. So If you are in Ubud check out

My top 5 Things to do in Ubud

  1. Yoga in many places like Yoga Barn or at Ubud Body Works which I encourage you to visit
  2. Visit Tegalalang Rice Terrace (if you are a morning person go at sunrise – magic beyond words) have lunch in one of the local Warung and visit one of the waterfalls – don’t forget to go for a dip. The closest is Nungnung Waterfall.


  3. Visit a wood carving gallery. My house if full of the wooden panels. I never get tired of looking at them.
  4. No trip to Ubud is complete without relaxation and pampering – check out Five Elements Spa must do lunch.

    Five Elements food

  5. Cooking class and school at Casa Luna
  6. Do visit a local family – or home. You can learn quite a bit

More on Bali will follow – for now enjoy



Love M

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